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  • The Main Dining Hall
    Toast to eternity

    The Main Dining Hall

    The exquisite main dining hall is adorned with delicate portraits specifically selected by Madame Pearl and a large-sized one of herself. Embellishing the venue is a peacock on the ceiling, a penguin, an owl, and a couple of flamingos - those figures derived from the Dean's pursuit of nature in general and birds in particular. Madame Pearl was also an artist that shared an avid interest in birds with her man.

    Dining: 42 guests

  • La Sale À Manger - The Dining Room
    The Dining Room

    La Sale à Manger

    As Birds were once an avid pursuit of Madame Pearl, La Salle à Manger is enshrouded with numerous sophisticated hand-drawn pictures of birds, including the gorgeous flamingos, her personal favorite.

    Dining: 10 - 12 guests

  • La Chambre d'amis - The Gentleman Room
    The Gentleman Room

    La Chambre d'amis

    La Chambre d'amis was quite a sought-after among the Dean's male friends for high class after-dinner drinks as well as engaging card games.

    Dining: 10 - 12 guests

  • Boudoir - A Woman's Private Room
    The Ladies' Room

    Le Boudoir

    The Diamond shape-ceiling private venue embellishes its walls with the original exquisite portraits of Madame Pearl's dearest friends and guests - the ladies once enjoyed innumerable delightful and lavish afternoon teas with her in this very room.

    Dining: 10 - 12 guests

  • La Salle De Jeux - The Game Room
    The Game Room

    La Salle de Jeux

    La salle de Jeux depicts the original lithographs from the very 1886 when the university was founded. These were the works of the Faculty of Art's adroit students. The calligraphy embracing the dauntless men's taste engraved on the balcony gives a glimpse of how gentlemen indulged themselves in a fabulous state of being.

    Dining: 10 - 12 guests

  • Le Sous - Wine Cellar
    Wine Cellar

    Le Sous

    The beverage focus gravitates to the world's finest wines with some selections of fortified wines, including Madeira and Port.

    The restaurant's stocks and rows of wine are displayed behind large glass doors of the cellar. With the large table placed at the center, this space acts as an exclusive private dining room where the best wines elevate exceptional food.

    The beverage experience is built up in this extravagant yet cozy feature wine cellar. The vast selection of Portuguese/European wines is the perfect foil for 03 - 04 signature cocktails with a keen selection of Champagne, Cognac, and beer.

    Dining: 10 - 12 guests

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