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Savour The Exquisite French Cuisine At Pink Pearl

Gourmets coming to Pink Pearl mansion would move a step from present back to the marvelous architectural stage of the 19th century, then onto a multi-course gastronomic journey, where dishes are prepared of classic French recipes with a twist of modern taste. Finest wines are the perfect pairing with high-class relishes here at Pink Pearl.
Truffe D’hiver - Tuber Uncinatum

Truffe D’hiver - Tuber Uncinatum

It's that time of year again! Get your taste buds ready to explore the season of truffle flavors and textures by our Sous Chef - Danny Minh Do!

Romantic Dinner

A private dinner with carefully-curated delicacies from our talented chefs promises to take your romance to a whole new level. Sweep your partner off their feet with a romantic candlelit dinner in the glamorous colors of Pink Pearl.